Paul’s farewell speech to the church at Ephesus is packed with vital teaching for the modern day Christian
We must be people that others can see God through, not matter how much we are persecuted and talked about.
What are you willing to give up to be a Christ follower? Patrick looks at what the bible says about the sacrifices needed to be a true disciple of Christ
The story of the golden calf teaches us many valuable lessons on how to have a proper relationship with God. In this episode, Patrick breaks it down and points out the ways we can use this lesson in our daily lives.
today’s show looks out how we can fulfill the Great Commission in our daily lives
Patrick looks at some portions of Letters To The Church by Francis Chan to further drive the point that churches must stop relying on man made traditions as a way to reach the lost
One of the laziest phrases a follower of Christ can make is “that’s the way its always been done”. In this episode, Patrick discusses his disdain for the sentence and explains why it is important to break from this line of thinking.
We are going to face persecution as Christians.  This is not just huge physical persecution, but small little things in everyday life. How are we to respond when this persecution occurs?